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Wall Sawing is the process of cutting openings such as doors or windows in concrete walls, usually no more than 12″ thick but in some cases up to 24″ thick. This is accomplished by using a saw that attaches to a track on the wall to be cut. This process utilizes an enormous 30″ or even larger diameter diamond blade that can cut 12″ or more of concrete all of the way through from one side. This aspect of the concrete cutting business requires the most skill and cannot easily be done by your average “do it your-selfer”.

Wall sawing may entail cutting openings in concrete foundations but may also include lowering a foundation elevation, entire foundation removal, and also the cutting of concrete retaining walls in part or in whole. This type of concrete cutting requires skill and experience to cut perfectly smooth plumb and level openings with virtually no dust or mess, so it is a rather expensive service.

Homeowners who place additions on to their home that have basements or cellars commonly find they need to cut into their existing concrete foundation to add an entry or passage between the new and existing basements. It is much easier and in most cases less expensive to have this service performed during the construction process and not after.

a wall saw

Slab sawing, also known as flat sawing, is used to cut horizontal flat concrete surfaces such as retail floors, bridge decks and pavement. Slab sawing is often used to cut industrial floors as well. Slab saws feature a diamond blade that is mounted on a walk-behind machine that requires only one operator.

We can cut up to 14 inches in depth but generally only 6″ or less is necessary in most homeowner applications. Slab sawing is the perfect solution for making penetrations or openings in concrete floors to access and repair a broken water pipe or sewer line. When a basement or cellar is being remodeled to add a bathroom the concrete is removed to add new plumbing for the fixtures.
Occasionally, the large saws can’t fit into small work spaces. When this occurs, Alliance Concrete Cutting uses electric hand held saws to cut the concrete.

A slab saw is also useful in demolition work to break up and remove a cracked or unwanted patio, driveway or walkway. Sometimes a homeowner might want just part of a patio or other concrete slab cut in order to alter their landscaping.

Road and slab sawing

At Alliance Concrete Cutting, we offer specialized trenching services that use electric, hand-held saws to decrease emissions in your home or business. Trenching involves cutting concrete to access plumbing or electrical materials beneath the surface. Trenching creates pathways for pipes and wires to accommodate new plumbing and electrical installations.

Whether you’re planning salon or retail upgrades or envisioning a new bathroom in your basement, our trenching services will provide the results you desire.

Our precise and efficient trenching methods help you optimize your layout and infrastructure. We help reconfigure plumbing and electrical systems to suit your residential, commercial, or industrial properties. Trenching makes it possible to extend electrical and plumbing lines to add a basement bathroom. 

Transform our space with safe, precise and versatile trenching services. Whether you’re renovating, expanding, or building new, Alliance Concrete Cutting has the expertise and specialized trenching equipment to get the cement project done.

Handheld trenching

Alliance Concrete Core Cutting’s core drilling services create perfectly round holes every time. Core Drilling is a technique that creates round holes through concrete walls and floors. Core drilling is commonly used to cut through concrete to accommodate plumbing, heating, venting, and electrical installations.  Core drilling creates utility access points for plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, and HVAC systems. 

Alliance Concrete Cutters drills small holes in residential concrete and small to large holes in commercial concrete. For homeowners, we offer core drilling services for holes ranging from one to 12 inches round. For commercial clients, we handle larger projects that require core drilling of up to 24 inches round. 

Our expert team and high-quality core drilling equipment ensure clean, precise, and efficient cuts every time. Alliance Concrete Cutting delivers core-drilled holes that align with your utility needs.

core drilling

Spec curb cutting is necessary for new service entries, driveways, and ADA access ramps for home and business. The curb is cut with a track-mounted saw to allow for smooth precision. After, the curb is finished at an angle using an electric hand held saw.

Spec curb cutting
egress window

An egress window in a basement dramatically brightens an otherwise dark, dingy room, but it also has a more serious purpose. It’s large enough to offer a safe exit from the basement in the event of a fire or other emergencies.

Adding an egress window is essential any time you remodel your basement to make a new bedroom, office, or other living space. Contact Alliance Concrete Cutting for more information about adding an Egress Window to your basement.

egress window

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